What can you do when there's no way of explaining yourself to someone who is totally convinced that you are guilty?!! No matter what you do, this person is angree and don't hear a word you're saying. Well, you've probably been there, I know I've been there more than once but this time really hurts. It hurts bad.

To forget about this just for some time, I decided to listen to the music, that always helps. Maybe watch a movie but not a comedy, I need a drama, something heavy cause I really neet to cry all my sadness out. I have to. And you know what? Just being with myself, my own thoughts, helps me. Noone can say anything right now to comfort me nor that  I need words of comfort, I just need some time alone and I hope that the other side will eventually get rid of its doubts and start believing me.

Marsha Hunt, My World Is Emphty Without You

Movie: Seven Pounds (Will Smith, Rosario Dawson)
WARNING:  Life's a bitch.


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