New vs. Original

Originally: Etta James

Originally: Buzzcocks

Originally: Cindy Lauper

Originally: Britney Spears


House Design

In a need for interior change, new detail, new style, I often look at a world wide web where I find myself looking at a pictures for hours, here are some of them (hope you'll like it).

Pink for smiles! :)

Some places make us be creative

Bright colored eating area, can't be boring

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Cozy place, go take a nap!

Working area,  a lot of light

Mostly, I'm into pastel colors

''Cold'' materials as stone, mostly for summer houses


Polaroid Freak

Something about it....like I'm back in time, as a matter of fact it's like I've always lived in this kind of scenery... magical!

Great Yogi: Meghan Currie

State of Mind - YOGA

in search for a change? need a new approach to old familiar things? feel like a plant, hardly movin'?
take a look and give it a try, many of those who tried have said it actually works! :)


I could use a Cup of Coffee

It's how I start my day, it's how you start your. Simple, still so complex... coffee.

Making coffee is a ritual and the pleasure of making it I wouldn't change for anything. During that ritual I collect my thoughts, I'm thinking how great a life is and what will I do today to make it even more beautiful.
As I sad, while drinking coffee, nothing can ruin this for so I'm going back to my lovely, half-full, good-smelling, cup of coffee.



Ooh la la! :)
How gorgeous, just look at them...!

Here are some of my favorite illustrations and illustrators:

cassandra rhodin

                                                                                   sabrina garrasi


No Borders

This was somewhere near the European Union (or I like to think it is) where they still have a borders...
Start of a New Year. Someone was heading back to its home away from home, its just a way it goes...and guess who happens to be there? It could be you, today, tomorow, yesterday, some day, maybe...

This is what I captured on my camera, it reminded me of those shiny things during the holidays...it's not all black 'n'white after all. Open your eyes.
                                   *   *   *   *   *    *    *    *    *   *   *    *    *    *

Bilo je ovo negdje blizu EU (ili ja samo to želim da vjeruje) gdje još uvijek postoje granice...
Početak nove godine. Neki su se vraćali kući daleko od kuće, tako to ide...šta mislite ko se tu još zadesio? Mogli ste to biti vi, danas, sutra, juče, jednog dana, možda...

Ovo sam uhvatila telefonom zapravo...podsjetilo me na te male šarene stvarčice tokom praznika...ipak nije sve samo crno-bijelo (ima i sivog). Progledaj.


When In Prague...

I thought I lost those photos...but I found 'em! Oh, that was an amazing trip...getting to know city, life, love...
Well, I'm not gonna talk any more :)