Eat Pray Love

Great book! I kindy recomend it. It's about exploring the world around you but before doing that you just have to find yourself, look deep into your soul and discover who you really are. Well, you need to do both things simultaneously, that's the catch.

I always wanted to find out how much more I'm willing to go, how much further. Is it true that we have that inner strenght but some of us never even try using it?!! Some ppl don't bother to do something about it. They just go with the flow. I cannot do that, I need to wake up. Somebody please wake me up!!!

Well, this book make me realise that I can do anything only if I want to.


You, who do not like to waist your precious time, here's the link to watch a movie! :)
 The conclusion? It's all about love!



  1. Julia Roberts acted really well in this movie. :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. i read the book a few years ago. she started losing me in india (a little long window), but all in all i agree- it's a fantastic read! still haven't seen the movie, but it's on my agenda!