New vs. Original

Originally: Etta James

Originally: Buzzcocks

Originally: Cindy Lauper

Originally: Britney Spears


House Design

In a need for interior change, new detail, new style, I often look at a world wide web where I find myself looking at a pictures for hours, here are some of them (hope you'll like it).

Pink for smiles! :)

Some places make us be creative

Bright colored eating area, can't be boring

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Cozy place, go take a nap!

Working area,  a lot of light

Mostly, I'm into pastel colors

''Cold'' materials as stone, mostly for summer houses


Polaroid Freak

Something about it....like I'm back in time, as a matter of fact it's like I've always lived in this kind of scenery... magical!

Great Yogi: Meghan Currie

State of Mind - YOGA

in search for a change? need a new approach to old familiar things? feel like a plant, hardly movin'?
take a look and give it a try, many of those who tried have said it actually works! :)


I could use a Cup of Coffee

It's how I start my day, it's how you start your. Simple, still so complex... coffee.

Making coffee is a ritual and the pleasure of making it I wouldn't change for anything. During that ritual I collect my thoughts, I'm thinking how great a life is and what will I do today to make it even more beautiful.
As I sad, while drinking coffee, nothing can ruin this for so I'm going back to my lovely, half-full, good-smelling, cup of coffee.



Ooh la la! :)
How gorgeous, just look at them...!

Here are some of my favorite illustrations and illustrators:

cassandra rhodin

                                                                                   sabrina garrasi