day out

As you can see, I love spending time outside taking photos. Usually, I walk with two of my dogs, Toby and Žuki. We walk by the river where I often find a lot of interesting things to photograph while two of them running around chasing birds or just one another.
The funny thing is that I somehow find same places different every time I see them. The shadows, the colors of the grass, water, sky...always different from the day before. Or maybe I'm the one who's changing,  becoming someone else. Maybe everything's the same but it's me who's going through unknown phase and becoming someone else, perhaps I am growing up. It could be mixture of everything I really don't want to go into all that phylosophy right now.
Here are some pics.
My dogs and I.
 sunflower in wintertime

adding some colours to boring, colorless day ;)

aeroplane, the moon, sunset...and the trees!

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