Colors by Róisín Murphy

If anyone has a style it's  Róisín Murphy! You cannot deny that even if she wears the most ridiculous item she would look georgios! So, lear from her or just adore her, it's up to you! :)

And there's this video where I constantly imagining myself...


On The Roof

This was few months ago but today's weather totally reminded me of this day! Let's go back in time...

Unknown Portraits

Every now and then I get my pencil and draw some lines, sometimes they turn out to be pretty nice.

This was my depression phase. I thought winter's never gonna end.

And while doing that I love to listen Emiliana Torrini's beautiful voice...relaxes me :)


Cher Lloyd, style an' all

If you don't know who's Cher Lloyd it's about time to find out! That girl is special for more than one reason, and that would be singing, but also for her style! I cannot go on without mentioning her hair, so messy and wild (just like her!) and now even red!! What is there to say for a 16 year old girl who became famouse after her very first audition on X Factor?!! Respect!

And her unique fashion style!! Just love it!
p.s. she reminds me of Amy Winehouse a little, maybe because of the hair, donno..


Dark Instincts And Eccentric Creations

Tim Burton
Who else!

Tim Burton, artist, writer and producer, raised in Burbank, California, use to watch black'n'white movies and draw a lot. He's famouse for drawing cartoons. One of my favourite cartoon is here!

Tim Burton's Biography:

He is a genious! Some don't get him because he's a little bit scary but I find him attractive just the way he is. I love those moments when all  hair on my body goes up and when I can get no sleep... ;)

Of course, I need to mention his adorable whife, famouse actress Helen Bonham Carter deserves a blog for herself! Coming soon! :)

Everything about Helen is unique: the rolls, the way of life, the style...Oh I wish I was her... so much energy and vulnerability in her eyes...just look at her!

 Tim Burton Movies (some of them):
  • Edward Scissorhands
  • A Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Corpse Bride
  • Ed Wood
  • Sweeney Tod
  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Sleepy Hallow

Alice In Wonderland
Watch: http://www.putlocker.com/file/19078578DV28SKW#

Sweeney Todd

Lil' Things

You wanna se the most beautiful thing I've ever filmed?

American Beauty

Is one of those days when it's a minute away from snowing...and there's this electricity in the air...you can almost hear it, right...and this bag was just...dancing, ...with me...like a lil' kid beggin' me to play with it...for fifteen minutes...that's the day I realised that there was this...entire life, behind things, and this incredibly benevalent force, wanted me to know that there was no reason to be afraid..ever. Video is a poor excuse I know, but it helps me remember, I need to remember...Sometimes, there's so much beauty, in the world, I feel I can't take it...and my heart, is just gonna gave in...

watch American Beauty online:

Just Playin'

And once again I'm playing with my phone while trying to get some sleep within long sleepless period, not insomnia, not just yet.

Dunno why but this song makes me move!!!

Sonny J!!! Yeah..dance, dance, handsfree..!!! :) :) :)

Have a beautiful day!!! mwah


A Few Ideas

I've never watched so much movies in my life but seems like I'm addicted now.. maybe it's a good thing after all.

Here's todays suggestion:
127 Hours

 and the link:

and revived song from a movie...

I'm a little tired today but I have an idea: I need to make a list of things I should do this summer. I'm planning to change place of living somewhere around winter so I need to have as much fan as possible before moving!

I accept any idea or advice. Shoot! Ideas are very welcome right now! I have a few I'd like to start with. Ok, let's say I'd like to go to Sicily (again) with my friends, I'd love to go hiking for a weekend (deep in the forest without any bugs if possible! yeah right...), I'd like to throw a party for my pregnant sister (alcohol free of course -with a few exeptions!) and so on.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to relax...

one of my favourite...


New Age Music

Check out this!

 Just recently I run into this videos but I already watched their live performance on famouse EXIT Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Mistake Mistake


Eat Pray Love

Great book! I kindy recomend it. It's about exploring the world around you but before doing that you just have to find yourself, look deep into your soul and discover who you really are. Well, you need to do both things simultaneously, that's the catch.

I always wanted to find out how much more I'm willing to go, how much further. Is it true that we have that inner strenght but some of us never even try using it?!! Some ppl don't bother to do something about it. They just go with the flow. I cannot do that, I need to wake up. Somebody please wake me up!!!

Well, this book make me realise that I can do anything only if I want to.


You, who do not like to waist your precious time, here's the link to watch a movie! :)
 The conclusion? It's all about love!



Oh Sunny Day

We decided to spend a lovely day outside..no work, no other ppl, no pressure just enjoying ourselves! Walk and talk. Laughing out loud! Running. Siting by the riverside. Breathe.

Telepopmusic - Respira (Breathe)

together in friendship we stand!

yeah, he is a fashion freak so what... ;)

my fav military boots!!

cool stone stairs leading to the riverbank

Movie: Closer

Not a big fun of Julia Roberts but I liked this movie a lot. The story is very familiar, love is a strange thing and the way we show it...well, let's say we can surprise ourself as much as others.

Relax and enjoy

CLOSER (Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman, Jude Law, Clive Owen)




Just wanted to share some photos of myself. I created them before going to sleep because I always like to do something nice so that I can feel good after a long day, that gives me a feeling I did something useful.
It's not much but I was thrilled! It was like: This can't be me, this is someone else on this pics! :)


What can you do when there's no way of explaining yourself to someone who is totally convinced that you are guilty?!! No matter what you do, this person is angree and don't hear a word you're saying. Well, you've probably been there, I know I've been there more than once but this time really hurts. It hurts bad.

To forget about this just for some time, I decided to listen to the music, that always helps. Maybe watch a movie but not a comedy, I need a drama, something heavy cause I really neet to cry all my sadness out. I have to. And you know what? Just being with myself, my own thoughts, helps me. Noone can say anything right now to comfort me nor that  I need words of comfort, I just need some time alone and I hope that the other side will eventually get rid of its doubts and start believing me.

Marsha Hunt, My World Is Emphty Without You

Movie: Seven Pounds (Will Smith, Rosario Dawson)
WARNING:  Life's a bitch.



Movie: Secret Window (Johnny Depp)

Before, I was just a girl, now, I'm starting to feel like one.
My dear friend wanted me to watch this movie and I did. At the very begining I tought to myself: he does not know me, this movie is so boring...but to my surprise, it turns to be misterious, emotional and a litle bit scary. Just the way I like it!