A Few Ideas

I've never watched so much movies in my life but seems like I'm addicted now.. maybe it's a good thing after all.

Here's todays suggestion:
127 Hours

 and the link:

and revived song from a movie...

I'm a little tired today but I have an idea: I need to make a list of things I should do this summer. I'm planning to change place of living somewhere around winter so I need to have as much fan as possible before moving!

I accept any idea or advice. Shoot! Ideas are very welcome right now! I have a few I'd like to start with. Ok, let's say I'd like to go to Sicily (again) with my friends, I'd love to go hiking for a weekend (deep in the forest without any bugs if possible! yeah right...), I'd like to throw a party for my pregnant sister (alcohol free of course -with a few exeptions!) and so on.

In the meanwhile, I'm going to relax...

one of my favourite...

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