Never Let Me Go

Have you ever loved , I mean truly loved anyone? Many of us think we did or, are loving that special someone, but what if we're wrong, what if we just don't want to be all by ourselves...?
Every time we ''fall in love'' we think: This is real. Everything that happened before this was a lie. Are we foolin' ourselves that we will not fall in love again just because we want to believe that is true?

I give a lot of thoughts to this theme but I still haven't come to any conclusion or a sheer idea how to solve this puzzle. To be more precise, how one can be sure that he loves? Does one should take care of other, or have to make compromise, have to forget what he wanted before geting in a relationship, keep proving its love every day??!!! Isn't the point to do all that and more both sides?? Isn't it all about doing things for each other without thinking, doing it by impulse??

Maybe its the air. Something in the air, after all.

Here's a link to a movie about true love:


  1. I think about this a lot too! I believe loving someone means you put that person as a priority above everything! xoxoxoo

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