The Sweet Spot

In this article a lot of interesting things are covered starting from loving your job (p.11, 12) all the way to unfamiliar hidden places of the world where talents are hidden.

Writing about talents the writer assume or better to say discovers what he calls ‘’an unexpected pattern’’ (p.12) and further trough text he explains how those talents we saw on television or elsewhere often try over and over again until they ’’nail the move’’ (p.13).

It seems so easy for somebody else to sing, dance, and play soccer or to be a writer. More often than not we don’t even ask ourselves whether any effort is included because it looks so natural, so highly performed that hardly any of us could do it. To be successful or even good in what you do, it takes time and effort.
This is exactly what the writer experienced when he encounter those hotbeds, he expected them to already be excellent, but no. What he discovered was things were hard and tough also for them but the difference is, and this is the main purpose of the story in my opinion, that some are more determined to succeed, more willing to try and not afraid to fail, those people are called talents.  

The example of two columns makes the reader understand the meaning of ’’deep practice’’ (p.16). I have to admit this got me thinking maybe it’s the time to start studying in a slightly different way. I especially like the example of remembering the name of the person we’re meeting for the first time (p.17).
Also, making mistakes is often taken for granted, as something to which measure our ability to do things meaning we cannot do it. This is so wrong. Being blinded by the general view we are missing the point! This is another (maybe the same thing) writer wants us to think about. ’’...you make mistakes – makes you smarter.’’, according to Robert Bjork (p.18)

Another point the writer is making which I found very useful is ’’sweet spot.’’  The term is a mere explanation of the ’’gap between what you know and what you’re trying to do’’ (p. 19).


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